MLH Services features a robust suite of capabilities and services than can benefit companies of any size, large or small. Below are some details about the capabilities we provide that could help your business thrive and provide you with much needed control over your branding.



Print Services

MLH offers traditional print services through both our in-house technology and our strong vendor network. A small idea of how our print services may work best for you is showcased below.

  • Traditional print methods can still provide valuable advertising services. Classic methodologies such as flyers and take-ones provide a strong physical presence, and have worked with client both large and small.


  • Large-print advertising can draw new customers into your business or make your presence known at conventions or event spaces. MLH Services has worked with major retail organizations and financial institutions to create convention displays or outdoor advertisements; generating more business and getting customers' attention.


  • MLH also provides the core suite of items every business owner should have. Business cards, thank you cards, and other customer building tools never go out of style, and in this age of digital, having a physical note or custom made item can make the customer feel valued more than an email ever could.
MLH Services helped me design and brand my entire operation. From mugs to menus, and from banners to coupon mailers and even logo layout and design. They were great to work with!
— James 'Chip' Thomas

Digital/Technological Services

Sometimes companies want a web portal for internal customers to utilize, or maybe they simply want a better 'first-look' for new customers. MLH Services can provide all aspects of a digital presence, from website design, to database development and reporting.

  • Many customers fail to notice how valuable it is to have brand consistency and proper messaging throughout a business structure. With MLH, a custom web-portal can be developed that allows users to access approved and brand compliant material for use with customers, as advertising, or for inter-company communications.


  • In the modern world of analytics and data, information is king. With MLH, a dedicated database system and reporting infrastructure can be created and monitored. Oftentimes this system goes hand-in-hand with the custom user interface and web portal, to allow full access to your companies users and which items they are utilizing.


  • Having a website is now mandatory to having a successful business. With MLH, we can help design and implement modern websites. Even more importantly, we work with you directly to ensure it accomplishes the tasks you want in the best way possible.

Design and Marketing Services

All companies need marketing. From simple word-of-mouth to large-scale print and web campaigns, MLH Services can help your business grow. The following are just a few of the marketing and design services we offer:


  • Having a unique brand and distinctive iconography is often a key concern for companies both large and small. MLH can assist in branding items, from small campaigns to larger organizations.


  • With decades of experience, MLH Services has the knowledge and first-hand understanding of what works and doesn't work for marketing strategies. A dedicated customer relationship representative is available when you need them to discuss options with you.


  • Our design team are ready to assist you with any item you may need assistance with. From web and digital pieces, to items developed especially for print and outdoor spaces, we have the tools to create what you need.


  • MLH has experience in developing all types of advertising and marketing campaigns. From print ads, to website promotion, all the way up to billboards, television and radio. Our focused attention to your needs means that your organization will have a guide through the evolving landscape of advertising.


Unique Services

MLH does more than most traditional marketing companies thanks to our sister companies and our internal resources, some of our unique options are below:

  • Our dedicated partners in foreign language translation can add another dimension to your business. Whether it is communicating with local demographics, or reaching an international market, MLH Services has the tool set to help you succeed.


  • Mugs, shirts, hats and pens with your logo on them are a classic and effective method to target potential customers directly. MLH has years of experience in the promotional items market, and that knowledge is available for you and your business. 


  • With our sister company of Native Training Solutions, dedicated proctors and trainers are available to assist your companies needs in employee education. While geared towards the food service industry, coupling NTS educational techniques and MLH's web app and print technology gives customers a powerful tool set to ensure only the correct items are being taught and implemented throughout their business.


  • The Veterans Business Network provides a rich and growing customer base that is oriented towards the veteran market. If you are a veteran business owner, or simply a veteran looking to connect with other vets, don't hesitate to ask us about VBN membership for yourself or those in your company.