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Branding and Compliance Services

How does a corporation make sure their personnel are using the same marketing materials and supporting the same offers?  How does a corporation know which one of their personnel have obsolete marketing materials whenever those materials are updated or their offers expire? 


In the digital age which allowed materials to be assembled and created on any given desktop computer and then emailed without accountability, the corporation has to ensure that not only is their brand is consistent but that their representatives are only making offers that are approved by the central body!

Business Consultation

How do you make sure that everyone is using the same playbook, and following the same strategy?  How do you control what marketing materials someone a hundred miles away is showing to your customers?

MLH Services has been involved in this field for our entire history, working with Macy's in the retail industry, JPMorgan Chase in the financial industry, and AFC Sushi in the food service industry.  Industries vary, but the solution does not!

MLH Services provides a comprehensive and customizable web-to-print solution that your company representatives can utilize to get consistent messaging and offers across multiple media - Emailed documents, LinkedIn or other social media images, flyers, brochures, business cards, and so on can all be coordinated centrally.  Our system not only ensures that the users are all using the same materials, but it can also tell you who currently has outdated materials after a major rebranding or update!

We'd love to discuss our solution and how it can help your business, and then to set up a demonstration for you to see our tools in action!  Please take a moment to reach out to us and we'll get started right away for you!

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