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Why Choose MLH Services?

Who is MLH Services

MLH Services is a third generation family owned and operated business, and we have had a personal interest in the success of our clients from our beginning. Our focus drives us to build a strong relationship with our clients, so that we can bring new ideas to market and assist in every aspect of development from inception to fulfillment.

Our Philosophy

Relationships are the key to success. Because of that, all of our customer service is personalized.  We don't use phone trees, automated knowledgebase systems, or outsource our customer contact to anyone outside of our company. 


The value that MLH Services provides to our clients is derived from forging a relationship that creates deep understanding, trust, and ultimately partnerships between us and our clients. Every business has unique challenges, and every partnership MLH forges solves those challenges in a timely economic fashion.

Our Capabilities

MLH Services has the capabilities to be your one-stop location for all of your printed materials - whether it’s a hundred flyers or a complete tradeshow kit, you can get everything you need right here. From local businesses to Fortune 500 companies, MLH Services is a trusted source for all printing needs, reinforcing our reputation of industry leading quality, top-notch reliability,
cost-effective prices and a wide selection of services.

MLH offers a customizable, robust web-to-print system that provides an automated solution for creating, printing and managing the delivery of marketing data pieces. Using predefined, press-ready PDF templates, you and your employees use this browser-based system to request items and follow jobs through the production and fulfillment process. With our system, you have real-time access to produce and order the materials you need.

Creative pieces are the foundation of any marketing effort, and MLH Services has the resources to provide quality creative support from the creation and maintenance of a brand through the ground-up creative process that makes your ideas a reality. Whether you just need a little tinkering on an old creative piece or are starting from scratch, MLH has the team needed to get the job done.

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